‘Sounds corny, but I enjoy my job every day'

Joris Vanderbeuken started as an account manager at Livios and became Business Unit Manager of Livios at DPG Media. His career path developed naturally, with a few helpful nudges from DPG Media. "Without their commitment and support, I would not have taken those steps. I am very grateful for that."

Four years ago, Livios was taken over by De Persgroep, as it was then. At that time, Joris was marketing manager for livios.be. Within DPG Media, he became one of the authors of the rebranding of Livios.be. Later, he became sales manager, and eventually he became business unit manager, the position he holds today. A fast track that grew very organically. "It is because of the structure and support of the company that I was able to take all those steps", Joris explains.

HR is on the ball. And you get support here for what you need as a person, rather than what is expected of your position

Joris Vanderbeuken

Lateral pathways

"My career took off just because there is so much support. The right training, meeting people who can support you... none of that is an issue at DPG Media." HR is on the ball too, Joris notes. "The support here is seen on a human level. Not so much 'what does that position need', but much more 'what does that person need'. I think that is quite exceptional in the labour market.

Because it is such a large company, there are also a lot of lateral pathways you can take. If you have talent, and above all desire, there are many possibilities at DPG Media.

"People often say 'I have to work', but I never have that feeling. I am happy that I am allowed to do this job."

Perfectly balanced

He thinks it sounds a bit corny, but Joris enjoys his job every day. "People often say 'I have to work', but I never get that feeling. I am happy that I am allowed to do this job. It is what I like to do, what I am good at, and I get paid for it.” (laughs) Sounds like a dream, but doesn't so much enthusiasm have a negative effect on the work-life balance? "Maybe I am the most optimistic person at DPG Media, but for me it is also perfectly balanced. There is a lot of flexibility and the focus is more on results than on working hours. Of course, this has to be a two-way street: if you give this trust as an employer, you will also get it back from your employee. If I can help a colleague in the evening, I will, just because I know that this flexibility also applies to me at other times."

7 dilemmas for Joris Vanderbeuken

Nostalgia with Joe or rocking with Willy?

"Joe. I love the eighties."

Chill with VTM GO or adrenaline from HLN Live?

"During my work, HLN Live. Outside I prefer to chill... But if I have to choose: HLN Live."

Humo's 7 deadly sins or showbiz in Story?

"The 7 deadly sins of Humo.”

Your own sandwiches or dish of the day in the brasserie?

"The dish of the day! Another reason why working here is so enjoyable."

Weekend paper with coffee or tea?


Book or showbiz magazines?

"I'd rather have a book.”

Playing sports or watching sports?

"Playing sports. I am a keen sportsman."