DPG Media headquarter in Antwerp

De Persgroep to become DPG Media


De Persgroep was strengthened last year by the full acquisition of MEDIALAAN (parent company of various commercial radio and television channels in Belgium) and Independer (financial product comparison site in the Netherlands). The media group has therefore taken a major step in its global news, entertainment and online services strategy. A new name and identity is being launched to mark the new direction.

CEO, Christian Van Thillo: “De Persgroep started out thirty years ago, as a Flemish publisher of daily and weekly newspapers. We’ve progressively evolved into a multimedia company operating in three countries. The recent Medialaan and Independer acquisitions have accelerated this evolution. We consequently required a new name that would reflect the breadth of our operations. DPG Media obviously refers to the past, and it’s one that we’re extremely proud of. The logo additionally denotes our three strategic core activities, which we intend to expand in the future.”

The collaboration between the Belgian and Dutch subsidiaries has been stepped up to intensify and expedite the digital transformation of both companies. And a joint management team now steers the collaboration between the two countries.

The new name applies to all business units in both countries: MEDIALAAN - de Persgroep Publishing and De Persgroep Nederland.

De Persgroep has a turnover of 1.6 billion and employs 5,000 people.