Une furieuse envie de chanter

For several years now, Nostalgie has been the favourite radio station of French-speaking Belgians! Nostalgie lives up to its audience's expectations by offering solid, popular music programming, short, high-impact content and a friendly atmosphere that radiates commitment and conviviality! Nostalgie is also bold. It's more versatile, more modern, more contemporary, and it devotes a lot of space to its listeners, whether through on-air interactivity, social networks or the number of local initiatives.

As an adult music radio station, Nostalgie offers proximity, family spirit, authenticity, sharing and emotion all day long. The station is available on FM, DAB+ and digital channels. Commercial target audience: 35 to 54 years old.

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12,6 %
Market share 18-54
9,6 %
Daily reach % 18-54
Daily reach # 18-54
Weekly Reach # 18-54

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