Advertise with great effect

Are you also reaching more and more customers on mobile? And are you looking for a way to advertise on mobile with impact? Then take a look at seamless advertising.

Seamless advertising: enriching the Trusted Web

If you advertise on mobile, you quickly face a dilemma. The classic IAB formats are handy, but dare to curse at times. Because they do not fit as well in a mobile environment and therefore do not score as well in terms of impact. Mobile formats that are impactful, however, cannot be offered on a large scale as an advertiser. The reason? Too intrusive.

That is why DPG Media is developing its own format: seamless ads. You can take the 'seamless' of seamless advertising quite literally: thanks to its design, your ad fits (even) better in the mobile app or website in which it appears. As a result, a user does not experience your ad as intrusive and you still communicate on a large scale.

The benefits at a glance

  • The best-performing product in the display portfolio

  • An answer to every campaign objective

  • Optimised and designed for the best experience for visitors

  • Interesting for large and smaller advertisers

The various options