Discover the power of data driven marketing through Datalab

Datalab by DPG Media is all about intelligent data driven marketing and gives you as an advertiser more grip to effectively reach & move your target group and to use your marketing budget wisely. Thanks to the daily interaction between our users and our media brands, we build valuable first party data segments, a good alternative to cookies. You can cash in on your customer data through data-driven marketing, with minimal waste and maximum results.

DPG Audiences

Compile your target groups yourself based on various characteristics that DPG Media manages to collect about its users: gender, age and home location, but also the specific topics with which he or she comes into contact while surfing our brands.

Data-driven marketing at its smartest.

“The audiences are very clearly composed, which for us is a handy estimate of the attention we want to pay to certain target groups”

Eveline Hove - Digital Marketer at TUI

CRM Audiences

Based on your own CRM data (such as email addresses), you have the option of identifying visitors to the DPG Network. This way you can specifically target or exclude existing customers from your next digital campaign. In this practical guide, we explain to you step by step exactly how it works.

Data Targeting at its finest.

Insights & Lookalikes

Who are the profiles your target audience includes? Through Insights you get a lot of valuable data insights that help you to adjust campaigns and increase their effectiveness. To find comparable profiles (Lookalike audiences), DPG Media's data models are available. This way you increase the reach of your campaign, without sacrificing performance.

Data-driven marketing at its best.

Datalab video

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