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Executive Committee in Belgium & The Netherlands

The responsibilities of the ExCo

The Executive Committee (ExCo) was established in 2020 and consists of six members who manage Belgium and the Netherlands centrally. The Exco members are a point of contact regarding the daily management of the various content areas. Kris Vervaet (CEO DPG Media Belgium) is the CDO and operates at the intersection of editorial, marketing, sales, Online Services and IT. Bert Willemsen is the CMO and is responsible for reader's income. Piet Vroman (CFO) is responsible for Finance and Legal & Operations, while Erik Roddenhof (CEO DPG Media Nederland) focuses as CEO of the ExCo on B2B, Online Services, staff and editorial/content NL.

Management in Belgium & The Netherlands

The responsibilities of the BeNe Board of Management

The BENE Board of Management has been set up to give more shape to the cooperation between Belgium and the Netherlands. This board, which consists of the Belgian and Dutch directors, meets monthly to discuss progress and the cooperation between the two countries.

Naturally the Belgian and Dutch markets each have specific characteristics and cultural differences that will always remain. As a result, DPG Media's local and independent editorial products will always form the basis of the portfolio in both countries. However we believe that 'BENE management' will lead to more entrepreneurship and accelerated digital development. We have a broad portfolio of news media, radio, magazines and online services in both countries, something which makes it easier to share best practices and knowledge.