JEZ! launches second major charity campaign for 200 youth organisations


In the spring of 2024, JEZ! is organising the biggest charity campaign to raise money for more than 200 youth organisations in Flanders and Brussels for the second time. The youth movement, which together with VTM, Qmusic, HLN and Belfius aims to give young people a voice, is as of now propelled forward by 15 JEZ! young people and 4 well-known ambassadors. They will travel throughout Flanders in late March 2024 during JEZ! festival week, the climax of the fundraising campaign.

In October 2022, a few young people put JEZ! on the map as a new movement of, for and by young people that aims give all youngsters a voice. They still do, fully dedicated and all year round: JEZ! gets young people talking about issues that concern them and organises events where young people can get together. Once a year, JEZ! also raises money for youth organisations. In spring 2024, it is time to revisit the biggest charity campaign for young people.

"Since JEZ! was launched, we have been astonished by the strength and creativity of the younger generations. Give them confidence, space and resources and they can take on the hardest challenges and surpass themselves," says Olivier Onclin, member of the Belfius management board.

JEZ! will raise funds for these 200 youth organisations

For the second year running, JEZ! will raise money for youth organisations that strengthen the resilience, positivity and creativity of young people, like Make-A-Wish, G-Sport Flanders, YOUCA and many others.

Organisations could submit a project proposal to the King Baudouin Foundation and hope to qualify for support from the JEZ! fund. The foundation selected 200 projects and organisations from Flanders and Brussels. The total amount raised by JEZ! will be distributed among these projects by the JEZ! fund.



Olivier Onclin, Belfius management board member: "Every day, hundreds of associations in Flanders and Brussels are doing their bit for young people. Whether they are sports clubs for young disabled people, drama clubs for talented young actors or summer camps for underprivileged children, they all make a difference. And Belfius wants to support these hugely valuable initiatives the best we can with financial assistance and by believing in the power of young people for the future. We hope to enable thousands of volunteers to continue to help young people realise dreams. And that is why JEZ! deserves our support."

These four well-known ambassadors will help launch the second edition

"I am so looking forward to this again! Last year, the response across Flanders was truly massive!" says Tom De Cock, Q-DJ and one of the first JEZ! ambassadors. "I have since seen what all these organisations can do with the support: JEZ! is truly making a difference for thousands of young people. This year, we are again calling on everyone in Flanders to organise campaigns and donate money for youngsters."

Actress Nora Gharib and TikTok-journalist Jonas Lips are also back in the ring. And actor, singer and presenter Aaron Blommaert has joined as the fourth ambassador.

"The JEZ!'ers are keen as mustard. Their energy is so infectious that I never doubted that I should be an ambassador too. Let's work together to let all the young talent take flight. If youngsters can be Young and Foolish, everyone benefits." - Aaron Blommaert

These 15 young people give JEZ! a face

And then there’s the JEZ! youngsters: strapping youngsters from all over Flanders who take the lead in everything JEZ! does. This group of trailblazers has almost doubled after 1 year.

"When I saw the JEZ!’ers in action last year, I thought: this is where I belong, they understand me. It’s fabulous that I can now help spread the positive energy. As we are JEZ! youngsters ourselves, we are going to put on cool events, create content for JEZ! socials, but most of all: get everyone stoked for the next charity campaign, because that's how we make a difference." Lee, one of the new JEZ! youngsters

Meet onze JEZ!-jongeren

JEZ! party week as the campaign climax in spring

In spring, JEZ! fundraising shifts up a gear. As the high point of the campaign, JEZ! takes all of Flanders in tow during the JEZ! party week. Which, not coincidentally, is 25 to 29 March, the week before the Easter holidays.

Dirk Lodewyckx, member of the management board of DPG Media, the media company behind VTM, Qmusic and HLN: "We are busy behind the scenes forging the wildest plans to conquer Flanders with the JEZ! story. Thanks to our strong brands Qmusic, VTM and HLN, we will hopefully be able to convince a lot of Flemish people, young and old, to give money to JEZ! and to take part in an incredibly cool party week celebrating the power of all young people. Let everyone mark this week in their diaries."