Increase customer engagement? IKEA does it this way

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As an advertiser, you are constantly looking for ways to effectively reach your customers. So is IKEA, one of the largest retailers in our country. Therefore, together we investigated the possibilities of CRM onboarding. Partly due to the coming privacy and technological changes, this will become an important alternative for targeted campaigns. The result? A CTR twice as high as the average benchmarks. Read all about it below.

Basic info:

  • Advertiser: IKEA

  • Agency: Mindshare

  • Product/ brand: IKEA

  • Title/ platform: display

  • Sector: retail

  • Period: Q3 2023

DPG Media’s Datalab as the answer

The briefing from IKEA and agency Mindshare was clear: increase engagement with customers who are also part of the emailing list. The reason? Within that target group exists a lot of untapped potential to support email efforts. More specifically, they wanted to:

  • Reach their CRM target group with a display campaign.

  • Persuade customers who don't open emails to do so.

  • Strengthen the strong promotional message visible to the IKEA Family users to drive additional engagement 

To answer this challenge, we used Datalab from DPG Media, the self-service data platform that allows advertisers to build personalised segments via first-party data. 2 deciding factors were:

  • IKEA was looking for a reliable local platform that was easier and quicker to use compared to the big, global players.

  • DPG Media’s Datalab has an integrated lookalike feature. This allows you to create additional segments based on the uploaded CRM data.

In the future, we wish to integrate Datalab into our media mix for activating campaigns.

Céline Smidts, Integrated Media Leader IKEA

For IKEA and Mindshare, this also immediately meant a whole new segment to tap into. Their curiosity was piqued, so it was quickly decided to include this novelty in the campaign. 

“This test has shown the power of first party data as strategic lever. We carried out a successful matching, remaining within the legal framework. First results are promising, and we plan to extend to other tests in the future, by integrating Datalab in our media mix for activating campaigns” - Céline Smidts, Integrated Media Leader IKEA

We launched the campaign on the 3 segments: openers, non-openers and lookalikes. The lookalike segment scored so well against the benchmarks that it was quickly decided to optimise it.

The results

The results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of CRM onboarding.

  • Openers and lookalikes: a CTR twice as high compared to benchmarks of previous IKEA display campaigns.

  • Lookalikes: the CPC was up to 56% lower while for the openers it was 22%.

  • Non-openers: lived up to their reputation as a hard-to-reach target group. The CTR was only 30% higher compared to the benchmarks. On the other hand, the CPC was above average

The power of first-party data

This approach proves that activating first-party data is a valuable strategy to reach current customers. Minh-Thi Do, Data Analyst at IKEA agrees:

“We were seeking for an innovative solution with a focus on local relevance to leverage the use of our first-party data in addition to our traditional channels and increase engagement of our target audience, while prioritizing user privacy.”

The openers and lookalikes segments present exceptionally good results, but the non-openers also stand out above the average benchmarks. 

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