How KBC is advertising more effectively on mobile using seamless advertising

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Are you also reaching more and more customers on mobile? And are you looking for a way to advertise on mobile with impact? Then take a look at seamless advertising.

Seamless advertising: enriching the Trusted Web

In many cases, when advertising online, advertisers use the classic IAB formats today. These often do not score so well in terms of performance, partly because they do not fit well in a mobile environment. Mobile formats that do have a high impact score are not widely available to advertisers because consumers may find them intrusive. This is where seamless advertising comes in.

"DPG Media is currently working hard to roll out the Trusted Web. This is based on brand safety, first-party data targeting, self-service platforms and impactful formats. Seamless advertising is the latest innovation in impactful formats. With it, DPG Media is taking the next, logical step in more effective campaigns for its advertisers."

- Aurelie Van Parijs, Business Development Specialist Digital @ DPG Media -

A suitable format for every target

The name seamless is no coincidence: from now on, your ad will fit (even) better in the app in which it appears: be it HLN, De Morgen or 7sur7. The same goes for the mobile websites of those brands. Today, advertisers can choose from two formats: the seamless image (available in two sizes, S and L) and the seamless carousel. A video format will be added later this year.

Together with KBC, we subjected seamless advertising to a test. Does the format create more impact compared to traditional IAB formats?

"As an innovative bank, KBC is always looking for relevant novelties. So when we heard about the new seamless format, we were eager to test it out. We always put quality and an optimal mobile user experience first and that is also what this format stands for. For this first test, we were impressed with the results compared to other channels (including CPC, CTR, quality). In the future, we will therefore be happy to deploy this format further!"

- Anouchka D'Hertefelt, Digital Media Expert @ KBC -

More impact

KBC drew positive results from the collaboration. For instance, the performance was significantly higher compared to classic IAB formats. The campaign even generated a Click-Through-Rate that was 62% higher compared to the average benchmarks of classic display bannering.

Impactful formats obviously consist of more than just good performance translated into hard metrics such as viewability and Click-Through-Rate. The overall brand uplift generated by your campaign is also important when analysing the impact of your campaign. This is why, since last year, advertisers can use the research tool Brandfacts, where short, post-campaign surveys determine the persuasiveness of display ads.

There too, KBC's campaign submits good results. For instance, the campaign's overall brand lift was more than 13 percentage points higher compared to classic display bannering campaigns tested in 2022.


Would you like to work with us to develop an effective mobile campaign? Contact our digital experts. They will be happy to help you further.