HEMA and Het Lichaam van Coppens: a dream match for a creative content campaign


For the kick-off of the sixth season of the TV show Het Lichaam van Coppens, Staf and Mathias wanted to come up with a stunt: becoming an underwear model within two months. We could already see in the first two episodes that they succeeded at this. HEMA cooperated with them, and so the brothers ended up on the HEMA advertising brochure for boxer shorts. A very successful brand integration in a prime time programme. Michiel Daeleman, Account Manager for Branded Content: “Our goal was to launch a stunt and to create maximum impact together with an advertiser.”

How did the cooperation with HEMA come about?

Michiel Daeleman: “The brothers were busy preparing the new season of 'Het Lichaam van Coppens' and wanted to come up with a strong stunt to kick off the season. During the first two episodes, the brothers try to build an impressive body. They not only focus on the positive side of bodybuilding, but also on the negative effects on self-image. After all, when you are trying to go for extremes, you are fully focused, meaning any small flaw can be a problem. Well, their final goal was to become an underwear model. Therefore we started looking for a partner, and found HEMA. This is ideal, because the image of HEMA leans heavily on what the brothers stand for: sympathy, accessibility... In addition, they also supported the fact that Mathias and Staf also threw light on the negative aspects of bodybuilding, because HEMA believes in authenticity. They did not want fake models on their advertising brochure. In short, it was a dream match for a content campaign.”

Who cooperated in this case?

“Mainly our internal team Strategy & Creative. Creative Sales had the lead and we were in close contact with the production company Roses Are Blue. 

How did you manage to combine the interests of both parties?

Since HEMA had commercial objectives and the brothers Coppens were focused on entertainment, finding a balance sometimes took some effort. In the end, we did it this way: for the first two episodes of Het Lichaam van Coppens we filmed parts at HEMA. This was very natural because it fitted into the content of the programme. But HEMA also claims extra visibility with billboards around the programme. In their shops, you find wobblers and life-sized placards of the brothers, and they are also shown on the back cover of their advertising brochure.”

The case received a lot of media attention and the public were enthusiastic. Did you expect that?

“No, you never know in advance whether something will be picked up in that way. But it's true that the earned media is fantastic. Our own brands have also jumped in, for example, VTM Nieuws has dedicated a big piece to it, and there was also attention on JOE and Qmusic. I think a case like this one is strong proof of the power of a good creative campaign. That's exactly what our initial goal was: launching a stunt and creating maximum impact together with an advertiser.” 

Mission accomplished.