Feeling Wonen/Gael Maison is an upscale interior design guide for anyone who is looking for trends, inspiration and ideas for contemporary living, and wants to keep up with the most important design news.

Feeling Wonen/Gael Maison is an indispensable magazine for those who are looking for the latest trends in interior and design. With an average of 268 pages per issue, the magazine offers contemporary and personal home photos from Belgium and abroad, interior trends in the form of shopping and styling tips, in-depth interviews with relevant designers and lots of design news from the most important interior fairs around the world 10 times a year. Feeling Wonen/Gael Maison pays lots of attention to Belgian design.

André Lafère, editor-in-chief of Feeling Wonen/Gael Maison: "Six times a year, Feeling Wonen will publish an XXL edition on one central theme. No fewer than 332 pages, with the most beautiful interiors, the latest trends and a mass of inspiration for our readers. The must-have for every design lover!"

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The leading interior design magazine in Belgium.

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Feeling Wonen is part of DPG Media's broad brand portfolio and is regarded as the leading interior design magazine in Belgium.