Enhanced display viewability


Your advertisement might be all singing and all dancing, but if no-one sees it, you’ll achieve very little. Our ambition is to be your preferred, transparent and reliable digital partner. That’s why we added a number of new products to our digital offering this January. Products that are guaranteed to increase your campaign’s viewability. From 100% viewable impressions to multi ads; discover all this and more.  

A recent study conducted by WE Media revealed that Belgian publishers score 5% higher than the market average on the visibility of digital advertising campaigns on mobile and desktop formats. Our new, high-impact range is fully aligned to this trend. 

What’s new? 

  • 100% viewable impressions

We now offer an innovative multi-format range, which comprises a combination of 4 formats on desktop and mobile. These are delivered as floating ads to all our news brands, and the campaign comes with a 100% viewable impressions guarantee.

  • 2 new advertisements in our impact display range  

When it comes to display, there's an increasing difference between small banners and large formats. 

If you want to ensure a high impact and large reach, then you should opt for large formats. We now provide three options which deliver maximum impact and are viewable as standard. Since they comprise multiple formats disseminated throughout the site, your brand remains visible, and therefore viewable, at all times. In addition to the Take Over, you can now opt for two new advertisements: the page exclusive ad and the Full Impact Ad. 

The Page Exclusive Ad comprises various banner formats disseminated throughout the web page, both on desktop and mobile. Your advertisement appears in each of these formats, thus guaranteeing visitors see it. The option of using multiple formats also enables you to convey your message in a highly creative and varied way. Keen to see an example? Take a look at these Bijenkorf banners.  

Our second innovation is the Full Impact Ad. This is an extra large banner at the top, which takes up almost the entire pictureand is combined with other traditional ad slots on the page. Ensuring the right balance between ad acceptance and impact enables you to claim the web page. Visitors only get to see Full Impact Ads once, thus another banner is visible upon returning to the page. You can view an example from BMW here.