Engie - Make Belgium Great Again

Basic Info

Advertiser: Electrabel

Product/brand: Engie

Title/platform: Engie

Sector: Energy

Period: Autumn 2018


Campaign info

The Make Belgium Great Again TV series was on a mission to make Belgium a better place! Engie, an energy supplier that invests in initiatives for improving the planet, shares these values. It's a match!

A collaborative partnership between Engie and MBGA culminated in the launch of a cross-media branded content campaign. 

Our portfolio's differentiated media content enables us to provide the perfect media mix for each and every advertiser. 

A 'perfect match' between brand and format was similarly achieved in the Engie - Make Belgium Great Again case. To support their marketing objectives, we deployed billboards advertising the TV series, which were reinforced by online displays and native articles on hln.be. 

The strength of this campaign lay predominantly in the synergy between format and partner:

  • Branding, which displayed the 'Great' logo, was actively incorporated into Engie's communication.

  • The format was rapidly picked up by branded content from Engie by placing a native online article on hln.be after each episode. 

  • The direct link between Engie and MBGA was consistently reflected in the native article.