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DPG Media launches insurance website Independer in Belgium


Independent broker guarantees transparency and competitive prices for car insurance.

DPG Media launched, an independent online insurance broker, in Belgium on Monday, 18 January 2020. Private individuals can take out the cheapest car insurance policy for their situation after comparing prices and coverages on the website. The range of insurance products on offer will be expanded later this year. is part of the DPG Media Group, which is prominent in Belgium and the Netherlands with regard to media and online services.


Bernard Soens, General Manager of Independer in Belgium: “The concept of is simple, transparent and accessible for everyone. Clients can compare the content of policies and the price of premiums online in a very efficient manner. In most cases, those who wish to take out insurance can do so with a few clicks of the mouse. Clients who need more assistance can rely on our experts. They are always available to offer clients advice over the phone, via WhatsApp or e-mail."


Independent advisor and excellent cooperation has the ambition to make the Belgian insurance market more transparent and accessible for every consumer. Not only can clients compare the prices of insurance policies quickly and easily, they can also rely on independent advice and mediation, both when taking out a policy and, if needed, in the event of damage.

Three leading insurance companies collaborate with Corona Direct, Ethias and Yuzzu. Other companies are in the pipeline. When selecting insurers, takes the product range and service of the insurer into account. Partners that combine competitive prices with high-quality offerings qualify. 


"For us, service means the highest possible user-friendliness for clients. That ranges from the one-off communication of client data, which appear automatically afterwards, to the highest quality standards when settling claims."

Bernard Soens
General Manager of Independer in Belgium
Independer logo

Successful in the Netherlands gained inspiration in the Netherlands from its sister company In its 20-year history, became the most successful online insurance broker for private individuals in the Netherlands. With about 20 million visitors per year, Independer helps consumers take control of their private insurance affairs. The website has been declared the best website in the Netherlands no less than 15 times. In the Netherlands, the product range includes telecommunications, television, internet, energy, loans and mortgages.