DPG Media becomes the first European publisher to roll out GARM Brand Suitability Targeting


DPG Media becomes the first European publisher to roll out GARM Brand Suitability Targeting as part of the DPG Trusted Web

With different brand safety solutions posing the risk of advertisers inadvertently blocking sites with premium news and content, the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) was born. GARM has developed a framework that enables brands, agencies and publishers to advertise safely, but especially with suitable content based on a brand's characteristics. This has shifted the focus from brand safety to brand suitability. For advertisers, this means more buying opportunities and improved performance. Based on the GARM framework, DPG Media has built an in-house AI system that scans all content published on their websites. For DPG Media this launch of a proper brand suitability-model is an important step, especially within the development of the DPG Trusted Web with proper tools & platforms. DPG Media is thus the first European publisher to roll out its own GARM brand suitability model.

Classification based on Natural Language Processing

Using the GARM framework, the unique sensitivities and values of each brand can be taken into account instead of rigorously excluding generic keywords. To accurately classify each article according to the framework, DPG Media uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) in their brand suitability model. Thanks to this development advertisers can target their buys based on their exact tolerances to brand risk.

Boosting the number of brand suitable buying opportunities

The investment in DPG Media's own tooling is also essential from a technical perspective to ensure brand suitability can be covered across all of their content and environments. This allows for correct classification of in-app inventory and content moving behind paywalls, unlike third party vendors who struggle to do so. In addition, articles are classified prior to being published so advertisers do not have to wait for the third party scanning of content, again boosting the number of brand suitable buying opportunities to choose from. This gives buyers using the technology a competitive edge.

High level of accuracy


DPG Media's brand suitability model was successfully piloted for precision in Q4 2021 with a number of agency holding companies and verified against established Ad Verification Vendors. Bert Velghe, Digital Business Development Manager DPG Media Belgium: "The level of accuracy was on par with third party vendors and even surpassed reach on certain categories by offering a more nuanced analysis of local content, opening opportunities on premium content that otherwise would have been missed." 

Trusted, safe and suitable

For DPG Media, the launch of its own brand suitability model is an important step. "Our strategy is to establish a trusted, safe and suitable advertising ecosystem for every brand. This launch contributes to that," explains Velghe. "We are committed to ensuring brands that advertising on our network is always brand safe and suitable without additional costs or tooling expertise needed.”

Want to know more about DPG Media’s Brand Suitability Targeting?

DPG Media's Brand Suitability Targeting is as of now available for advertisers and agencies without extra cost via PMP's, Managed Services or via Ad Manager DPG Demand to be launched soon). Our team welcomes all questions on how we can integreate brand suitable targeting at DPG Media in your digital campaigns.  Contact  Bert Velghe at DPG Media Belgium for this.

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