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DPG Media and Telenet launch Streamz


European commission has approved the creation of a new Flemish streaming service

The Flemish streaming service of Telenet and DPG Media is finally in the works. Earlier this year, the two companies announced their intention of setting up a joint venture to launch a new local streaming platform with Flemish and international content. The European Commission gave its approval for this today, [day] August. DPG Media and Telenet are now preparing for the launch to the general public later this autumn. The name has already been announced: Streamz. The new company - bearing the same name - will be established on September 1, 2020, with Peter Vindevogel as CEO. Kris Vervaet will serve as chairman of the Streamz Board of Directors. 

Kris Vervaet, CEO DPG Media: "The launch of Streamz will be a milestone in Flemish media history. We are very happy about the approval of the European Commission. , and we’re really looking forward to launching this new, local streaming platform, together with Telenet. Together , we can make a real difference, with the very best Flemish and international content. This will provide a boost for Flemish viewers, as well as for the entire media landscape." 

John Porter, CEO Telenet: “At Telenet we are also pleased that the European Commission has given our initiative the green light. Together with DPG Media, we can now move ahead full force to write a new chapter in the Flemish and international media story. Streamz will feature local stories with a potential to conquer the world, and international stories that can conquer Flanders. In so doing, we give the viewer more choice than ever, and our Flemish television makers now also have an additional platform on which to showcase their creativity.

Local alternative in the streaming services market

With Streamz, Telenet and DPG Media want to respond maximally to changing viewing behaviour while also offering a local alternative in the streaming services market. In addition to the continued popularity of linear television, people can now also watch television programmes on their tablet, PC, or smartphone, whenever and wherever they want. Flemish channels and operators have already responded to this trend with the development of video platforms and services, such as catch-up TV and TV apps.

This dynamic in the television market is reinforced even more by the fact that consumers increasingly want an 'on-demand' offer and are prepared to pay for it. With Streamz, there soon will be a local alternative.

The new company has several assets to develop a platform that is relevant. Bringing together the DPG Media’s content (including Flemish fiction) with Telenet’s local and international content (including SBS/Woestijnvis/Play) ensures a strong combination of Flemish and international series and films for Flemish viewers. Combined with the advanced technology behind the digital platform VTM GO and the Telenet Play customer base - with more than 400,000 customers - this is the ideal starting point for this new story. 

CEO Peter Vindevogel will lead Streamz from 1 September 2020

The new organisation will be led by Peter Vindevogel from 1 September. Peter earned his stripes in the media and entertainment world as head of entertainment and streaming services at Telenet, where he steered the commercial growth of services such as Play, Play More and Play Sports to a record volume of more than 650,000 customers. During the same period, he also launched important innovations, often in collaboration with our sister company SBS. An example of this is the popular youth series "wtFOCK". Peter Vindevogel is also a member of the board of directors of The Park, a virtual reality start-up.

"I’m really looking forward to making Streamz a success together with an enthusiastic team of employees, who are all specialists in their field."

Peter Vindevogel
CEO of Streamz
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Peter Vindevogel, CEO of Streamz: “I’m really looking forward to making Streamz a success together with an enthusiastic team of employees, who are all specialists in their field. With the support of DPG Media, Telenet, and the entire Flemish media sector, we will turn it into a streaming service that belongs to all of us.”

The new company, which will be based in Vilvoorde, will start up on 1 September 2020. The launch date and more details about Streamz will be announced later.

Through the url join.streamz.be viewers can already indicate that they are interested in Streamz.