DPG Media and RTL Nederland join forces


DPG Media and RTL Group have reached agreement on DPG Media's  intended acquisition of RTL Nederland. "We strongly believe in the future of television & streaming where the power of good local programmes and series is crucial. RTL and Videoland are successful local brands with strong programming that is appreciated by a wide audience. RTL Nederland therefore fits very well with DPG Media," says Erik Roddenhof, CEO of DPG Media.

The television world is going through a transition due to changing consumer viewing behaviour and the impact of international streaming services. RTL Netherlands faces the same future challenges as DPG Media's current television & streaming business in Belgium. According to Erik Roddenhof, joining forces is necessary to remain successful: "We can strengthen each other with knowledge, expertise and investments. I am very much looking forward to working with the strong team of RTL Netherlands and creating a new future together."

Christian Van Thillo, Executive Chairman of DPG Media, believes in the future of television and video: "For 35 years, our company has been successfully making television in Belgium with VTM. I am convinced that consumers will continue to watch well-made programmes. Our passion and strength lies in content made locally, as we do at DPG Media with all our media." According to Van Thillo, RTL Netherlands perfectly matches this vision.

DPG Media has agreed with RTL Group that the RTL name will be retained. DPG Media intends to add RTL Nederland, including RTL Nieuws, as a new division to DPG Media under the leadership of Sven Sauvé. 
CEO RTL Nederland Sven Sauvé: "We have always said that consolidation is necessary in the Dutch media industry. Therefore, I am very excited that DPG Media wants to take this step together with us. By joining forces, we will create a more complete media group that continues to invest fully in local, impactful content and independent journalism on every conceivable platform. And I am also happy that the RTL brand will be retained; it is a strong brand and loved by many Dutch people.”

DPG Media's operations generated €1.8 billion in revenue and €288 million in EBITA in 2022. The company employs 6,000 people. RTL Netherlands had €636 million turnover and €161 million EBITA in 2022. It employs 800 people. The proposed acquisition of RTL Nederland by DPG Media is subject to approval by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and will be submitted for advice to the relevant works councils.

In this transaction, DPG Media was assisted by LoyensLoeff, Linklaters and LDS Advisory.