Donald Duck

Donald Duck

The Netherlands

Donald Duck: the largest family, kids' and men's brand in the Netherlands

In addition to being the market leader in the Dutch kids' segment, Donald Duck is also the largest family and men's magazine with the most significant magazine reach in the Netherlands. Thanks to the efforts of both offline and online media, Donald Duck has a name recognition of almost 100% with a powerful reader bond. And… you learn more than you think! Entertainment and education - this happy brand is a source of inspiration and pleasure for the entire family.

Donald Duck Weekly

Donald Duck appears in different forms, both online and offline. The most famous product is the cheerful weekly. Four generations have been reading the adventures of Donald, Katrien, uncle Dagobert, the nephews, Willie Wortel and all the other Duckstad residents for more than 65 years. The magazine evokes happy, funny and often educational memories. Children enjoy Donald Duck's cheerful world, just like their parents used to do (and still do). Whether they are reading, learning or playing, it's more fun with Donald Duck. Diverse subjects are addressed and fun is central; learning is a natural result. In the Donald Duck Shop, the weekly sells the complete portfolio and lots of gift items, such as backpacks, duvet covers and beach towels.

Katrien Duck

Katrien Duck, the pink counterpart of Donald Duck, is for readers aged 7 to 12 years old. Her cheerful magazine is filled with comic strips alternated with editorial items.

Donald Duck Junior

For beginning readers: Donald Duck Junior. Kids aged 5 and over learn how to read effortlessly. Donald Duck Junior is full of fun comic strips, puzzles and games for beginning readers every two weeks. Thanks to uncluttered pictures, large speech balloons and bigger letters, the target group can enjoy the adventures of the popular characters.

Donald Duck Extra

For extra Donald Duck pleasure every four weeks: Donald Duck Extra. Filled with extra exciting, extra long and extra funny stories about Donald Duck, the nephews, uncle Dagobert, Katrien and other famous Duckstad residents. An extra portion of Donald Duck, packed with adventure!

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