CASE VDAB - Humo's Krasse Knarren

Old does not equal out

The goal of VDAB's campaign was to sensitise people over 60 to stay active. Staying active (as a self-employed person, internship supervisor, monitor, volunteer...) keeps the spirit young and the social commitment high.

Basic info

  • Advertiser: VDAB

  • Product/brand: VDAB

  • Title/platform: Humo,, Dag Allemaal

  • Sector: Government

  • Period: March - May 2020

Campaign info


A colourful collection of Humo's all-time favourite crass stooges was brought together one more time in the 16-page supplement 'Humo's Krasse Knarren', under the approving eye of Humo forefather Guy Mortier. In their own unique way, Hugo Matthysen (64), Herman Brusselmans (62) and Martin Heylen (64), among others, gave an insight into their professional lives after the age of 60. Because old certainly does not equal out. 

This message was supported in advertisements by VDAB in Humo, in a Humo radio campaign and by a call-to-action in the articles on / Dag Allemaal

VDAB's message was supported in Dag Allemaal as well as on by means of three native articles. These are portraits of people aged 60 and over, including ex-CEO of VDAB Fons Leroy, who continued to enjoy working even after they retired. 

We are very happy that Guy Mortier and cohorts show that you are not written off at 60. Also as a sixty year old it is good to be active, and being active is most fun with colleagues on the work floor. Being active keeps us young.

Wim Adriaens - managing director VDAB

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