Case - Unilever - #kookinuwkot

In times of corona get closer to your consumer? It can be done! Unilever inspired through a clever mix of native, influencer marketing and radio.

Basic info

  • Advertiser: Unilever

  • Title/platform:,, HLN, NINA, Joe, Influencer campaign with a.o. well-known DPG Media faces

  • Sector: FMCG

  • Period: April - May 2020

Campaign info

In times of corona, when Belgians were confined to their "kot", Unilever wanted to offer inspiration and help to put tasty, nutritious and easy dishes on the table at home every day. With some of their brands (Knorr, Hellmann's, De Vegetarische Slager, Conimex and Zwan) they encouraged consumers to get creative and share the results. They did this through a media mix of native, influencer marketing and radio.

#Kookinuwkot - vary your pot

The campaign started with a recipe bingo challenge on social under the #kookinuwkot / #regalezvouschezvous. This challenge, started by micro-influencers, was picked up by 2 faces of DPG Media: Loïc Van Impe and Sven Ornelis. The latter also picked up the recipe bingo at radio station Joe.

The campaign continued via a native story of nine online articles on both and, a full page in HLN and two spreads in NINA. The native articles elaborated on the challenge on social, including an interview with Loïc. Via this native content, inspiration was also given to the readers via complete week menus (including a handy shopping list) and thematic recipes. In the meantime, influencers kept the hashtag and the recipe bingo alive on Instagram.

For this campaign, we had to pull out all the stops and be extremely reactive. It was tough, but at DPG Media we can do it!

Sofie Eeckhaoudt, Account Manager Branded Content DPG Media

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