CASE Perrigo - XLS Medical

Perrigo invests and scores in times of crisis

Corona is a major challenge for consumers and companies. Nevertheless, Perrigo Belgium was not discouraged and continued to invest in advertising in times of crisis. Together with DPG Media, Perrigo set up a TV campaign for XL-S MEDICAL and Zaffranax, with success!

Basic info

  • Advertiser: Perrigo

  • Product/brand: XL-S MEDICAL and Zaffranax

  • Industry: Pharmaceutical

  • Period: May - June 2020

Campaign info

The corona crisis had an impact on various sectors: both the media and the pharmaceutical industry were confronted with a sharp fall in turnover. Perrigo therefore decided to reduce the advertising budget throughout Europe.

However, the most heard B2B statement in this period is: advertising investments during a crisis provide a sales uplift and may even have a long-term effect. With this wisdom in mind, DPG Media and Perrigo Belgium entered into a dialogue.

The result? A successful campaign for XL-S MEDICAL and Zaffranax with investments in local, high-quality media.

Because of the corona crisis, pharmacies were suddenly visited less often, which affected the sales of Perrigo products. To turn the tide and increase visibility, Perrigo opted for a TV campaign on the channels of DPG Media. The ultimate goal was to make the XL-S MEDICAL and Zaffranax brands top-of-mind and thus lead to increased sales in pharmacies.

This partnership had a positive effect on sales in Flanders. XL-S MEDICAL, for example, increased its market share by 11% in the north, compared to only 4% in the south, where there was no question of investing further. 

The results speak for themselves. We must continue to show entrepreneurship in Belgium, especially in these times.

Christophe Van Damme, General Manager - Perrigo Belgium & Luxembourg