Basic info

Advertiser: Lapperre

Product/brand: Hearing aids

Title/platform: Jingles for VTM

Sector: Hearing aids

Period: November 2018

Campaign info

Lapperre wanted to promote its free hearing test in an original way. In consultation with the necessary production companies, we changed the last seconds of an episode in the jingle during which the sound was suddenly more difficult to be heard. By imitating the living environment of people with a hearing problem, viewers were more able to envisage their experiences. In this playful way their call to action became more attractive.

This campaign was shown on VTM around programmes such as Hoe Zal ik het Zeggen, Familie, Open Keuken met Sandra Bekkari ...

“A very nice interpretation! And the fact that we were allowed to use the programme’s images, reinforced the link between the TV brands and our brand."

Anne Abbeel, marketing director - Lapperre