Case - De Kringwinkel Antwerpen

Basic info

  • Advertiser: De Kringwinkel Antwerp

  • Product/brand: De Kringwinkel

  • Title/platform:

  • Sector: Retail

  • Period: September – December

Campagne info

Objective of the campaign: Long-term storytelling

Based on the DNA of De Kringwinkel we focused on human interest stories about social employment and stories associated with second-hand articles, i.e. focusing on circular economy. This was done on the basis of various themes and categories of related products: Sinterklaas, Christmas. The strategy for the campaign was called 'Second Life': this applies to people, as well as to the products and to the planet.  

4 key moments - 2 native articles per theme

Shown on regional Antwerp pages - traffic on IP addresses Antwerp + ROS region of Antwerp

September: Story about De Collectie in combination with the Fashion Weeks.

As a result of the Fashion Weeks in Antwerp, there were two articles on 'De Collectie', an initiative of De Kringwinkel Antwerp that ensures that second-hand clothing is processed and sold locally. We asked two fashionistas to create a look with clothing found in De Kringwinkel Antwerp.

October: Kringwinkel Day focusing on the fact that it is a social workplace, a human interest story. 

Two interviews with employees of De Kringwinkel Antwerp, who were given a second chance. The idea is that not only the products of De Kringwinkel Antwerp are given a second chance, but its employees as well.

November: Sinterklaas campaign in second-hand shops. Not every child has access to toys. De Kringwinkel has a 'cheaper’ range.

Two articles about a ‘wow-chimney’, because Sinterklaas gifts can also be less expensive. The articles include tips for each age category on how to conjure up wonderful toys for very little money.

December: End-of-year purchases in second-hand shops.

Interior design/lifestyle specialist and a member of the Kringwinkel are decorating a Christmas tree and Christmas table with finds from De Kringwinkel. The specialist is assisted by the employee to find the best pieces in the shop. Because who knows better where the best stuff can be found than a De Kringwinkel expert? In this way we are showing the diverse range in the shop and are promoting De Kringwinkel as the responsible partner for the festive season. In the article we gathered practical tips and advice for stylish Christmas decorations, and the dynamics between the specialist and assistant also provides beautiful insights on the meaning of Christmas.

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