Ecover - Make Belgium Great Again

Basic info

Advertiser: Ecover

Product/brand: Ecover

Title/platform: and VTM

Sector: Retail

Period: October - November 2018

Campaign info


We provided billboards around short fragments (short form) and full episodes (long form). 

Ecover was our partner for the programme Make Belgium Great Again. Both the brand as well as the programme have the same objective: to make Belgium a better place. 

Around the episode about plastic waste, we launched several articles around the same theme on in cooperation with Ecover. 

1. Correct recycling

We all do it, but there is still a lot of uncertainty about recycling. 

This article provides an overview of what should be put exactly where, and informs the reader on the basis of good-to-know facts. 

It is a very practical article that will point you in the right direction to recycle correctly and to make Belgium a better place.  

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2. Plastic not so fantastic

There is increasing awareness around plastic pollution, but many people are not aware of how dramatic the situation is. 

We inform the reader based on a few facts and figures around plastic pollution, and the importance of good recycling. 

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3. Trend report: Plogging 

What is it and who does it in Belgium? 

Below each article we inserted the link to the Ecover Deposit Store:

Ecover rewards your recycling behaviour in the pop-up Statiegeld Store!

We’re betting that Belgian ploggers would have less work if there would be a deposit system for plastic! As a result, fewer PET bottles would end up in the environment. Because our country has not yet implemented this system, the ecological cleaning brand Ecover is launching a smart initiative. Between 15 and 17 November, Ecover opens its own Statiegeld Store in Antwerp. If you hand in your PET bottle at this store, you will receive a bottle of Ecover washing-up liquid and one Euro in exchange*. You can keep this one Euro or donate it to the Statiegeld Alliantie that is pressing for the introduction of a deposit system. 

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“The creative cell came up with a to-the-point proposal that really matched the intention of the campaign. Based on a few ideas, they created a strong story that turned into added value for the media plan."

Julie De Laet, Ecover Brand Marketeer


Ecover - Make Belgium Great Again