The death of a loved one is not easy to talk about. DELA, a specialist in insuring and arranging funerals, broke the taboo surrounding death and made it a topic that can be talked about.

Basic info

  • Annonceur : DELA 

  • Produit/marque : DELA 

  • Titre/plateforme : L’intégration dans le script de ‘Familie’, des articles en ligne bien ficelés, un soutien influenceur, une intégration de contenu sur JOE FM et Bel RTL et Dag Allemaal

  • Secteur : Assurances

Campaign Info

Proof that branded content also works for a difficult message, an unusual target group and in exceptional times? The tailor-made campaign for DELA. Saying goodbye is not an easy topic to talk about. Purely commercial messages in this area often meet with resistance, and this was particularly true during the coronavirus pandemic. Market research showed that Belgians wanted to be less preoccupied with their own farewells. In order to position DELA as the funeral specialist that assists in everything that has to do with saying goodbye, a conventional campaign would be inappropriate. Integreate focused on native content with the following theme: saying goodbye and mourning in times of social distancing. The scripted integration in Familie, strong online articles, influencer support, content integration on Joe and Call RTL and Dag Allemaal were picked up massively and helped DELA strengthen its position as a warm, human organisation.

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