Buitenleven Vakanties reaches many potential new customers with a digital campaign

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Buitenleven Vakanties rents unique holiday homes in nature. The desire of Buitenleven Vakanties was to generate more brand awareness and visibility among their target audience, particularly among new customers. DPG Media developed a digital campaign for this purpose. In addition to showcasing the beautiful holiday homes in the campaign, the underlying story of Buitenleven Vakanties was also told. The use of branded content and Seamless Ads ensured that the KPIs were comfortably achieved. Curious to know how? Keep reading!

Basic info

  • Buitenleven Vakanties

  • Travel

  • CTR of 18.22% (benchmark: 1% - 3%)

  • Total article views: 12,745 (bench 7,400 to 9,400)

  • Relevant traffic, new visitors, and supporting conversions

The challenge

Increasing visibility among new customers

Staying in cultural and historical heritage

Buitenleven Vakanties was founded by Dutch nature organizations and rents out unique holiday homes in nature. The rental income from the properties directly contributes to the nature organizations, thereby supporting the preservation of nature and cultural and historical heritage, while guests enjoy their stay. Buitenleven Vakanties aims to introduce a new target audience to these unique holiday homes and tell the underlying story.

It quickly became clear that DPG Media could translate our desires into the right campaign effectively and clearly. DPG Media provided us with clear insights into the results. We can now utilize all these insights for our next campaign.

Renske Huisken
Marketing manager at Buitenleven Vakanties

The solution

Making an impact on nature enthusiasts through DPG Media news titles

Based on the personas of Buitenleven Vakanties, DPG Media has created a media plan. The target audience is 45+ years old and has a love for nature, hiking, and cycling, among other interests. The target groups have been consolidated within the DPG Media audience "Mentality," which was previously used in a successful collaboration with Buitenleven Vakanties in November 2022. The titles Volkskrant, Trouw, and Parool proved to be the perfect match for this target audience.

The result

Branded Article and Seamless Image XL perform well above benchmark

To ensure optimal visibility for Buitenleven Vakanties, a Seamless Image XL advertisement was chosen. The viewability KPI was comfortably achieved with almost 69%. The Seamless Ad was run of network (RON) and achieved a CTR of 1.03% (benchmark: 0.32-0.35%). The branded article on Volkskrant, Trouw, and Parool also performed above expectations. With a total of 12,745 article views and an impressive CTR of 18.22% (benchmark: 1% - 3%), this is a highly successful element of the campaign and a perfect way to engage the target audience in the story behind Buitenleven Vakanties.

Relevant traffic from the campaign boosts conversions

The chosen media strategy has generated a significant amount of relevant traffic to the Buitenleven Vakanties website. DPG Media has contributed to supporting conversions through this campaign. Out of the users who arrived at the site from the branded article, an impressive 75% were new visitors. This means that these individuals may not have been previously familiar with Buitenleven Vakanties and can now be followed up with other marketing tools.

Customer representatives of DPG Media and other involved parties

  • Kristel van den Berg, account manager
  • Remco Verstraten, digital consultant
  • Renske Huisken, marketing manager Buitenleven Vakanties
  • Mireille Keller, content marketeer Buitenleven Vakanties
    • Laura Penne, campagne manager
  • Patricia Groot, content specialist
  • Merel van Groningen, digital producer

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