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(Almost) free e- and audio books for the kids at home

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Product/brand: Children's books


Industry: e-commerce

Period: 20/3 tem 6/4

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(Almost) free e- and audio books for the kids at home

Quarantine: not an easy period for children to fill their days. To assist them, set up a temporary special club for stay-at-home children: a landing page where children in each age category can find various (almost) free e- and audio books. Per week, 10 books for children from 4 to 12 can be downloaded at 1 cent each: 5 audio books and 5 e-books.

Thanks for your hard work and flexibility. It is super that we could place so many cool things at DPG Media in such a short time! We have only been live for a few days, but it is already a success: many downloads!

Kelly Siemons -

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