Annual Report DPG Media 2021 Mock Up

DPG Media annual report 2021: the stories behind our results and our media makers


We are proud to present the Annual Report 2021 of DPG Media. In a year in which our lives were still badly affected by the pandemic, consumers continued to appreciate our media; we achieved an exceptional result in an exceptional time.

Find our annual report here.

‘These results are largely due to the digitalisation of our media, which we are making huge investments in. Of course, digitalisation in itself is not new, but it proceeds at breakneck speed. Our strategy in this respect has proven successful in recent years and we will continue on this course in the years to come,’ says Erik Roddenhof, CEO of DPG Media.

Christian Van Thillo, executive chairman DPG Media: ‘This combination of our pronounced love for our profession and excellent management with a long-term vision has led to these results, which will allow us to keep working on the expansion of this wonderful company we are so proud of.’

Stories from our media makers

The 2021 results are due to the skill and the huge commitment, dedication and perseverance of all our colleagues. In the Annual Report 2021 we give more information about our media activities and our plans for the future of DPG Media - but above all, we tell the stories of our media makers.

View the Annual Report 2021 here and read about how watching TV is changing, how we make the difference with in-depth investigative journalism, what the secret of Qmusic is and how Libelle and Donald Duck went digital.

The Annual Report 2021 of DPG Media will be available in print from 19 April. Would you like to receive it? Then let us know at