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Trusted Web

A safe, effective and sustainable advertising ecosystem.

The digital advertising market is at a tipping point. With the disappearance of third party identifiers and changing privacy regulations, the market is forced to drastically revise established practices. DPG Media takes matters into its own hands with the Trusted Web: a trusted, transparent and secure advertising ecosystem where user privacy is central and where advertisers have much more control over their advertising.

1. What is the Trusted Web?
The Trusted Web is characterised by:

- large reach, both in BE and NL, with which we reach just about everyone;
- impactful media with attractive formats within a high-quality environment;
- strong consumer data and a focus on logged-in use, which enables us to target with precision, for example, by linking brands to individual consumers across different platforms in order to add value and arouse interest;
- trusted brands with a guarantee of brand safety & suitability.

With Trusted Web we also offer consumers an environment with checked quality news; we know that this is very important for today’s consumer. IAS figures show that 81% think it is important that ads appear next to safe content and 39% would no longer buy a brand if it appeared next to unsafe content.

2. How to access / use the Trusted Web?
Get started with our platforms within this innovative ecosystem. More specific, we are launching 3 new, user-friendly self-service tools for advertisers;
- Design is DPG’s creative studio, where advertisements can easily be made.
- Datalab is our data platform where we give advertisers and agencies access to our 1st party data
- Ad Manager is our fast and effective self-service advertising platform

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