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Media Research Services

To measure is to know. With rock-solid media research (methods) we guarantee objective communication and media. We continuously question consumers and assess their relationship with media channels, sectors and brands. What exactly is media research and what types do we use? How do you reach your target group optimally? What is the impact of a campaign on your brand? And to what extent can you attribute sales or other results to your touchpoints?

The Research Team of DPG Media combines expertise with the best tools and measurement instruments.

Media research among consumers

Together we dig for insights that are relevant to you and your industry. We look for what attracts consumers to a category or brand and what is a barrier for them. In this way, we map out the overall media consumption through our targeted media research. On each medium of DPG Media, we measure the impact of your campaign. We also build insights into the value of offline and online media.

Media research at its most powerful.

Media Strategy & Media Planning

Based on broad media research and target group research, we define together what the priorities are in your communication strategy and which objectives should be central. We even go a step further and translate your objectives into a complete media plan.

Media research at its smartest.

Target group research

We also offer you insights into the performance of different media & target groups. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and make cost-effective adjustments through such target group analysis in our tactical planning.

Our media research approach at its most efficient.

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