Certified is an online certification program made for media professionals with ambition. For those who want to develop as a DPG Media expert and make an impact in the field.

The online certification platform for media professionals

With Certified, you can learn everything about the DPG Media network and the self-service platforms, such as DPG Media's Datalab. Using interactive certification modules, it's possible to obtain various certificates. With those, you can effortlessly get the best results from campaigns, regardless of your objective.

After following the training courses, you can rightly call yourself a DPG Media expert and you will strengthen your position as a media professional in the field.

The right message through the right channels at the right time straight to the heart of the right target audience. That is what it is all about for us. Together, we get the right people moving. But how do you reach that target group in head and heart? By using DPG Media's trusted self-service platforms in the most efficient way possible and increasing your knowledge to serve your customers even better. And with that, we help our partners with Certified by DPG Media.

Wouter Vandenameele, Chief Digital Officer of Wavemaker, certified partner of DPG Media: "At Wavemaker, we are very pleased to be the first certified agency for DPG Media's Datalab platform. We have always been at the forefront of innovation and our partnership with DPG Media is a testament to our commitment to remain at the forefront of the digital landscape through local collaboration and innovation.
From the start, we saw the added value of Datalab and our decision to partner with DPG Media was a no-brainer. We strongly believe in the power of local collaboration and this partnership allows us to add value to our clients while building on the rich targeting experience and capabilities that the Wavemaker team has. Thanks to Datalab, we also have all the DPG Media digital targeting capabilities at our fingertips, we can easily activate 1st party data on a large scale and we have access to interesting insights about Datalab's audiences.

At Wavemaker, we are excited about the opportunities this partnership offers and look forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions that enhance our clients' success in this ever-changing digital landscape."

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