Ad Manager

With Ad Manager, you can quickly and effectively set up, manage and optimise digital ad campaigns yourself on DPG Media's Trusted Web, both north and south.

Full control and 30% faster

With Ad Manager, agencies and in-house advertisers get full control of their ad campaigns in an intuitive and user-friendly interface that works 30 per cent faster than leading ad platforms.

More media value and future-proof targeting

DPG Media optimises the complex digital procurement chain by greatly reducing third-party intervention. This maximises media value for advertisers. The platform uses first-party data from DPG Media and is free of third-party cookies.

Toegang tot Seamless Ads & Video

Ad Manager provides access to DPG Media's unique Seamless Ads. These impactful ads can be designed effortlessly and quickly using the built-in design studio and deliver up to five times better performance than standard IAB formats.

Substantial cost savings and better campaign results

Successful pilots with TUI, Galler, Semetis, Colruyt, Bosch, among others, have shown that Ad Manager results in 39% lower cost per thousand visible impressions (vCPM) and 43% lower cost per conversion (CPA) compared to buying through platforms.

A fast and effective self-service advertising platform

With Ad Manager, everything comes together: DPG Media's investments in first-party data, new impactful ad formats, an independent technical infrastructure and, of course, premium content.

Moreover, the platform makes optimal use of DPG Media's first-party data and is seamlessly integrated with DPG Media's Datalab. As a result, advertisers benefit now and in the future from extensive targeting options across all browser and app environments, as the platform operates completely free of third-party cookies and identifiers.
In addition to display products, advertisers also have the option of setting up video campaigns.

Customer speaks

Antoine Carré, Programmatic Hub Director of Havas Media: "DPG Media's Ad Manager platform is a credible, test-based alternative that answers advertisers' digital challenges! The combination of human intelligence and technological optimisation leads to better results."

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