'Creative' advertising

'Creative' advertising?

Always a good choice.

We want to be the principal point of contact for our stakeholders to write authentic stories together. Finding the right way to listen to the creative needs and anticipating these, makes us the perfect “out of the box” guide. We are a catalyst for creative partnerships which we develop together and, if needed, roll out on a cross-media level. We want to integrate brands in a manner that makes maximum impact and connect them with (local) content, our faces and our powerful brands.

Creative Advertising guarantees a strong impact.

"Storytelling is in our veins and is the foundation of our success. With our years of expertise, we build ‘brand stories’: we create unique content and experiences that spark the connection between the messenger and the recipient."

Nora Vanderschrick - Head of Content & Strategy, DPG Media

I want to advertise 'Creative'

The creative ABC

Branded content Within branded content, our work is based on three pillars: -sponsored content (from billboards to banners) -native advertising -advertorials (infomercials and editorial ads)

Billboard Billboarding is commonly used as the basis of sponsoring. By placing the 5”, 7” or 10” billboard directly around the programme, you link your brand/product to the context and quality of a certain programme in an organic way. Every billboard must clearly display the 'sponsor' logo.

Native advertising in publishing Content written by a team of editors put together by our creative team on behalf of a partner/advertiser, for the purpose of relaying a message of this partner/advertiser in a sophisticated strategy.

Branded content video & audio Make your own two-minute programme about your brand or product. Interesting airtime that you, as advertiser, can fill with editorial and informative content. With respect to brand visibility, branded content video & audio offer quite a few options as well (including a significant reach), in a world where genuine storytelling and content marketing are essential. The exact time when these stories are aired can be determined in consultation. With the many options offered by the various channels, we can take the desired target audience into account.

Trailer tag By purchasing trailer tags in combination with billboards, the reach of your sponsoring will be optimised. It allows you to reach the non-viewers of the programme as well. A tag is placed after a programme trailer and scheduled outside the advertising blocks at a guaranteed number of GRPs. You can also use the billboard you place around the programme as a tag. Jingle Jingle sponsoring is a premium product within creative sales. It is the merger of the channel look with the communication of the advertiser at the start of the advertising block.

This unique position allows the advertiser to relay an activating message. It allows references to price, promotions, points of sale and other sales-promoting communication.

Jingle XL With a jingle XL, a creative transition is developed between the channel look at the start of the advertising block and the subsequent spot. For the viewer, this combination of jingle and spot is perceived as one neat package.

A premium surcharge of 30% is calculated based on the spot index and a GRP guarantee applies in this case as well. The same discounts as with the annual contracts apply to jingle XL. Product placement Over 80% of the VTM programmes are local productions, ranging from live entertainment to contemporary fiction. This creates quite a few opportunities for advertisers. We always strive for ways to involve the partners of our programmes in a natural & functional manner.

BAP The Brand Awareness Package is a billboard-only package that allows you to approach several programmes in a creative way at a favourable rate. In recent years, many advertisers adopted these packages in their media mix, thereby increasing their brand recognition in a short time.

AFP An Advertiser Funded Program is frequently conceived and developed with one of our production companies. For this content, we usually start from the request by the actual client. Its format is written with the client's brand strategy in mind. The AFP lasts for at least 15 minutes.

Overlay This visual layer contains the look & feel of your brand and appears over the picture. Due to this prominent placement at a transitional moment within the programme, your brand/product will receive maximum attention from the viewer. Channel campaigns From the channel brands, we regularly launch campaigns that offer the viewer an experience, whether or not linked to a programme format or a top topical like Mother's Day or Christmas. Advertisers can join in this channel story, in close consultation with our marketing department. A partnership includes both an activation (if applicable) and a media component (on air, online & on event), depending on the media plan developed to promote the event, action or top topical.

Licencing By obtaining a licence, our partners are given the option to use one of our brands in support of their own communication, both above and below. Under certain conditions, they may use a brand of DPG Media (like The Voice, Q Beach, Nina, Goed Gevoel, etc.) to launch a special edition of their own product, for example.

Concept fee Our creative cell is a catalyst for surprising cross-media communication ideas that make optimal use of the power of content. For a high-level creative & strategic consult, we charge a concept fee.