Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel: what does it mean at DPG Media?

THINK, FEEL, DO What is your marketing objective and how do you want to achieve it? Two crucial questions when you advertise with us.

Do you want to make as many Flemish people as possible familiar with your brand, product or service in a relatively short period of time? Then it is important to focus on your brand name & awareness, if necessary supplemented with extra elements that strengthen your brand identity. Important: strike the iron while it's hot and keep feeding awareness in the long term.

Would you rather focus on the bigger story behind your brand and is it about consideration? Look for the right storytelling: atmosphere, emotion and the brand meaning you convey with your campaign image are crucial. A longer campaign period in several waves is recommended here.

Do you want to be where the consumer is and realise specific growth? With conversion, a clear change in consumer behaviour is the objective. In that case, communicate mainly in a promotional or mobilising way, with a specific target group in view.

The following applies to the entire funnel: the greater your brand awareness and preference, the stronger the degree of conversion. Are your objectives clear? Then it is time to dive into our commercial policy. From radio and online to TV and print: your objectives will certainly match our cross-media product range.