Scroll back in time along some striking facts from our recent and not-so recent media history.


DPG Media and Groupe Rossel acquire RTL Belgium together

Television channel RTL TVI, radio channels Bel RTL and Radio Contact, and streaming service RTLplay: they all fall under RTL Belgium. A main goal after the acquisition will be to accelerate the digital transformation within the company and thereby structurally strengthen the media landscape in French-speaking Belgium.

DPG Media-Rossel-RTLBelgium


Mobile Vikings takeover approved by Proximus Group

After six wonderful years at DPG Media, the Mobile Vikings colleagues are heading into a new chapter in which they will be able to use the latest technologies to serve their Vikings with innovative products and services.


DPG Media is now launching the insurance site Independer in Belgium

DPG Media is launching Independer.be as an independent online insurance broker in Belgium. On the site individuals can compare prices and coverage and then purchase the most advantageous car insurance policy for them. Independer.be wants to make the Belgian insurance market more transparent and accessible for every consumer.


Streamz, DPG Media and Telenet’s new streaming platform launches

The new platform is open to everyone and features an extensive range of both Flemish series as well as home-grown Belgian classics, documentaries, a kids’ zone, and the best international movies and series. The local programmes are further supplemented by the large catalogues offered by DPG Media, SBS, and VRT.


Streamz, the new streaming platform


In 2020, VTM expands


In 2020, family-focused TV station VTM expands its family with some new members: VTM 2, VTM 3, and VTM 4.

VTM continues its focus on strong family entertainment, VTM 2 aims for spicy reality shows and local and international productions, VTM 3 shows one movie a day combined with popular series and sitcoms, while VTM 4 goes all out for action movies and classics. The new VTM TV channels replace the former channels Q2, Vitaya, and CAZ. The iconic tagline ‘VTM colours your day’ fits perfectly with this new colourful family.


Acquisition of Sanoma Media Netherlands

In December, 2019, DPG Media announces its decision to acquire all the media assets of Sanoma Media Netherlands. The acquisition is officially confirmed in April 2020. Trusted, powerful and beloved brands, such as Libelle, Margriet, Donald Duck, and vtwonen are what connects Sanoma Media Netherlands with DPG Media Netherlands. A number of Belgian magazines such as Feeling Wonen/Gael Maison, Wonen Landelijke Stijl/Maisons de Charme and Eigen Huis & Interieur also form part of Sanoma Media Netherlands.


VTM NIEUWS live from Antwerp

With the first broadcast of VTM NIEUWS from Antwerp on 3 February 2020, the company’s largest relocation operation ever in history is now a fact. From here on, all of our newsrooms work together as News City. The head office and all the supporting services are also allocated their own space in the striking building at the Mediaplein.

VTM NIEUWS studio-image


100% digital: rock station Willy

This newcomer is quite the outsider in the radio landscape: a digital-only, rock music station like no other. Willy can blast through all your available digital channels, including DAB+, and doesn’t mind the occasional volume booster for the best classic rock records out there.


VTM GO goes online

Through this app and website, DPG Media provides its viewers with a free online video platform that offers a combination of Flemish programs, the best international TV shows available, and a kids’ world channel. People can watch content live, in replay mode or binge-watch their absolute favourite TV shows: all the viewers’ needs are met with VTM GO. In the first year it has more than 11.5 million views each month and about 500,000 unique viewers.

VTM GO-image


DPG Media joins forces with Mediahuis

DPG Media joins forces with Mediahuis in the job market and automotive industry. The online platforms Autotrack.nl (DPG Media) and Gaspedaal.nl (Mediahuis) are brought together into the joint venture Automotive MediaVentions. In the job market, Vacature.com (DPG Media) and Jobat.be (Mediahuis) merge into JOBAT, the new flagship of the Belgian recruitment market.


New name and new headquarters

De Persgroep – owner of Persgroep Publishing – also acquires full ownership of MEDIALAAN in 2019. The two companies merged under the new name DPG Media. This is also the new name for De Persgroep in the Netherlands.

News City, a partnership between Het Laatste Nieuws, VTM NIEUWS, and the magazines, is established within DPG Media Belgium. News City brings the newsrooms together under one single roof in the literal sense of the word with a new building in Antwerp. In the autumn, the largest relocation operation ever seen in the company’s history takes place as hundreds of journalists take up residence at the Mediaplein.


Primo and Mijnenergie strengthen the portfolio

De Persgroep acquires the magazine Primo and the price comparison website Mijnenergie. This enables the group to further extend its online services offering.


Independer acquired by DPG Media

In the Netherlands, De Persgroep acquires the price comparison website Independer from Achmea and thereby strengthens its position and portfolio in the online services market.



De Persgroep becomes the 100% owner of Medialaan

De Persgroep buys out Roularta from VTM parent company Medialaan and increases its stake to 100 per cent. At the same time, De Persgroep sells its 50 percent stake in Mediafin to Roularta.


Reclamefolder acquired by de Persgroep

In the Netherlands, De Persgroep acquires the online advertising leaflet platform Reclamefolder.nl .

2017 Reclamefolder-image


De Persgroep carries out several acquisitions

De Persgroep carries out several acquisitions as the website Hardware.info, MKB platform De Ondernemer, and the online video platform MyChannels are added to the portfolio. In Belgium, De Persgroep acquires the financial comparison website Spaargids.be.


Acht becomes Caz and Mobile Vikings joins the group

In 2016, the former men’s channel Acht transforms into CAZ. The virtual network operator Mobile Vikings, an additional telco brand, also joins the company. Mobile Vikings challenges – by focusing on mobile data – the status quo in the telco world. Together with its Viking community, Mobile Vikings believes that telecom must and can work differently.


Investment in Flemish magazines

Between 2015 and 2018, De Persgroep Publishing also invests in a number of strong Flemish brands such as HUMO, TeVe magazine, and Story, acquiring them from the magazine market.


VTM & Qmusic launch Red Nose Day

In 2015, VTM & Qmusic launch, together with Belfius, a new project for a good cause – Red Nose Day – to raise money for young people with mental health issues. Red Nose Day aims to collect as much money as possible and to break the taboo that exists around mental health. Red Nose Day is already in its fourth edition and its recurring key ingredients are humour, the selling of red noses, and the grand finale show.


VTM & Qmusic launch Red Nose Day


Berlingske Media becomes part of de Persgroep

Following the acquisition of its parent company, Mecom, the Danish media group Berlingske has been part of DPG Media Group since February 2015. Berlingske Media has strong roots in Danish society: the group has prided itself on a number of powerful brands that have been a major influence on the Danish media landscape since 1749. 

Berlingske Media publishes the high-quality daily newspaper Berlingske and also the popular news brand B.T, the country’s largest news medium in both digital and print forms. In addition, the group owns the weekly newspapers Weekendavisen and Euroinvestor, free platforms for private investors. Berlingske Media is also the co-owner of several other news brands.



De Persgroep acquires Mecom

De Persgroep acquires the British company Mecom and, as a result of this acquisition, now also owns Wegener, the largest publishing company of regional and door-to-door newspapers in the Netherlands.


VMMa becomes Medialaan

The VMMa (Vlaamse Media Maatschappij) is renamed and becomes MEDIALAAN, with a nod to the headquarters’ address. (Medialaan 1 in Vilvoorde).



De Persgroep acquires Autotrack.nl

De Persgroep buys the car website Autotrack.nl from Wegener and thereby strengthens its digital portfolio in the Netherlands.


Acquisition of VNU Media

The takeover of VNU Media means that Tweakers, Intermediar, and Nationale Vacaturebank are now controlled by De Persgroep.


Acquisition of Vitaya


Acquisition of Vitaya

With the acquisition of Vitaya in 2010, VMMa now has a total of five television channels. The lifestyle channel primarily targets women and performs well with light-hearted TV series, movies, and TV shows with tips and& inspiration.


Thanks to children’s channel VTMKZOOM, even the youngest viewers now have their own channel

Viewers aged between 2 and 12 years old now also have their own channel thanks to the new children’s channel that was established in 2009. These days the media company has two channels for the youngest viewers: VTM KIDS and VTM KIDS JR. In addition to the children’s television offering, there is also an interactive website and events.



Majority interest in PCM

De Persgroep acquires a majority interest in PCM and subsequently acquires ownership of de Volkskrant, Trouw and AD.


New radio station

In 2007, radio station 4FM changes hands and becomes part of VMMa (the new name of the Vlaamse Media Maatschappij since 1999). In 2009, the channel undergoes a name change and assumes its current name, Joe. In that same year, VMMa also decides to invest in a new sector and the telco brand JIM Mobile is established together with KPN Group.


Lokeren Printing Press

In March 2006, the first newspapers roll off the brand-new printing presses in the Eco Print Center (EPC) in Lokeren. The EPC works with waterless printing, an environmentally-friendly procedure.


Qmusic the Netherlands is launched

De Persgroep acquires the Nederlandse Radio Noordzee (Dutch Radio Noordzee) station for a symbolic sum of one euro and renames it Qmusic Nederland.

2005 Qmusic Nederland-logo-image


HLN.be – Belgium’s first news website

In August 2003, HLN.be goes online for the very first time. At this moment it is the only news website in Belgium with its own newsroom. In December 2004, the website becomes the largest news website in the country for the first time, receiving more than 700,000 unique visitors each month.


Acquisition of Het Parool

De Persgroep acquires the struggling Amsterdam-based city newspaper Het Parool and by doing so it enters the Dutch market.


The start of Qmusic Belgium

On November 12, 2001, Qmusic begins broadcasting at 0600 hours with the Deckers & Ornelis Ochtendshow. The tradition of a strong morning show and a radio station that puts its listeners at its center sets the tone for the coming years.


The start of Qmusic Belgium


The launch of NU.nl

NU.nl, the first news website in the Netherlands to publish news 24 hours a day, goes live on May 12, 1999. It is founded by Kees Zegers, Sacha Prins, Merien ten Houten, and Robert Klep.


First publication of the TV Familie magazine

In 1995, the first edition of the showbiz magazine TV Familie is published.

TV Familie-logo-image


Launch of a second television channel

On January 30, the Vlaamse Media Maatschappij launches Ka2, a second commercial television channel. After a number of name changes, the channel is known today as Q2.


Launch of Goed Gevoel

De Persgroep launches Goed Gevoel, the first magazine published by the group which continues to be in circulation to this day.


VTM NIEUWS is broadcast for the first time

The first VTM NIEUWS broadcast is presented by Nadine De Sloovere and Dany Verstraeten.


VTM NIEUWS is broadcast for the first time


De Persgroep acquires De Morgen

In 1989, the newspaper De Morgen is bought by De Persgroep. In May, 1989, Christian Van Thillo takes charge of the group.


The Vlaamse Televisie Partij is established

The beginning of VTM in 1987 precipitates the end of the monopoly that public broadcasters had in Belgium and signals the introduction of privatised television. VTM is established by nine publishers, including De Persgroep, and each of them holds 11.1% of the total shares.



The beginning of De Persgroep: the Van Thillo family acquires shares from Van Hoste

The Van Thillo family acquirs 66% of the shares of Hoste NV, and eventually acquirs all of the shares. The publisher’s name changes to De Persgroep. The Van Thillo family has previously published the magazines Joepie and Dag Allemaal.


The launch of De Morgen

De Morgen is launched in 1978 as a continuation of the disbanded socialist party’s newspapers Vooruit and Volksgazet. The first edition appears on December 1, 1978.

1989 De Morgen-image


Merger between De Nieuwe Gazet and Het Laatste Nieuws

Publisher J. Hoste nv acquires a majority shareholding in De Nieuwe Gazet, followed by a complete merger with Het Laatste Nieuws in 1963. To keep up with the latest trends, considerable investments are required. The Van Thillo family is welcomed as a new shareholder. Meanwhile, the publisher expands its activities as various other magazines are established.


Launch of the Algemeen Dagblad

In 1946, the AD is established as the sister of the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant which is founded by W. Pluygers and J. Versnel as a neutral newspaper. The first edition appears on April 29, 1946.


The first edition of Trouw

The first edition of Trouw was published on February 18, 1943. This Dutch newspaper began as a resistance paper during the second world war and was established in secret in Aerdenhout.



The beginning of Het Parool

The Amsterdam-based newspaper begins in 1941 as an illegal resistance paper. The first edition appears on July 25. The newspaper is preceded by De nieuwsbrief by Pieter ’t Hoen, which appears for the first time in July 1940.


First edition of de Volkskrant

De Volkskrant is launched on October 2, 1919, as a weekly newspaper for the catholic labour movement. A few months later, from January 19, 1920, the newspaper starts being published every other day. On October 1, 1921, de Volkskrant becomes a daily newspaper.


The launch of Het Laatste Nieuws

The newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws appears for the very first time on Thursday June 7, 1888, under the leadership of a committee of entrepreneurial Flemish people, one of whom is Julius Hoste senior.

188 Het Laatste Nieuws-image

the first edition of the Danish Newspaper Berlingske


The launch of the Danish newspaper Berlingske

Berlingske is launched on January 3, 1749, under the name Berlingske Tidende. To this day, it remains one of the oldest existing newspapers in the world.