Annual report

DPG Media presents its annual report for 2022. In addition to providing an overview of the annual figures, the report takes you on a tour behind the scenes of our organisation that shows how, despite challenging circumstances, we once again managed to achieve great results in 2022.

“A year of extremes”, that is how Erik Roddenhof, CEO of DPG Media, describes 2022. “While our publishing activities – news media and magazines – maintained stable revenues but struggled due to sharply rising costs, radio and television performed very well. All the same, the pressure caused by inflation and the uncertain economic context was felt throughout the company. Fortunately, we were able to absorb some of this pressure, limiting the impact on our result. As in previous years, we once again saw strong digital growth, which is paramount to achieving our digital transition and shows that we’re on the right track. That gives us confidence as we look towards the future.”

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Jaarverslag 2022

We are media creators

We were able to achieve great results in 2022 mainly thanks to the strong professionalism, drive, commitment and perseverance of all our colleagues – our media creators. Creators of newspapers and magazines, radio and television programmes, videos, podcasts and online services. We are journalists, designers, printers and deliverers. Innovators, presenters and technicians. Builders of digital platforms and apps, marketers and sales professionals. We work in the limelight and behind the scenes.


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