Ouders van Nu

Ouders van Nu: The right advice, from baby to the first year of secondary school

Ouders van Nu shares recognisable stories, expert advice and nice products. We make the lives of parents more fun and easier.

Thanks to the high-quality data from the Pregnancy Box, Baby Box, and the First Time Mum Investigation, Ouders van Nu knows the exact orientation and purchasing moment of (future) parents in the Netherlands in 62 product categories. This is valuable and unique data that can optimise your campaign and generate conversion.

The combination of research, data and social media enables Ouders van Nu to know its target group through and through. It's able to move the right target group with relevant information via the right channel at the right time.

Ouders van Nu is an authority because the brand is (together with NOS and NPO1) in the top three of the 'most trustworthy brands' in the BrandZ top 100 most valuable brands (Millward Brown).