MEDIALAAN and de Persgroep Publishing publish digital plans

Ambitious digital plans for MEDIALAAN & de Persgroep Publishing

‘To help shape, rather than submit to, digital change’ is the ambition this autumn at MEDIALAAN & de Persgroep Publishing. During the autumn presentation on 23 August 2018 CEOs ad interim, Erwin Deckers and Dirk Lodewyckx, actually initiated these plans with new projects for online TV, online radio and online news.

Brand new video platform VTM GO & Flemish Netflix

Television is focusing on two significant projects. Next winter VTM GO, a brand new digital video platform featuring all the programmes of all the MEDIALAAN broadcasters (VTM, Q2, Vitaya, CAZ, VTMKZOOM and KADET), will be launched. The range comprises topical programmes as well as an extensive catalogue. Targeted advertising will ensure that access to the platform is free for all viewers.

The second ambitious project concerns the launch of a ‘Flemish Netflix’. Erwin Deckers and Dirk Lodewyckx commented as follows: “We hope that, together with our colleague broadcasters, we will be able to develop a ‘Flemish Netflix’, focusing on top Flemish fiction supplemented by international films and series. Our ultimate objective is to deliver an impressive local range, complementary to Netflix.”

New radio channels & live video quiz

MEDIALAAN/de Persgroep Publishing is also launching two specific digital radio projects. Since Monday 20 August 2018, listeners tuning in to Joe during the morning show are able to choose music from a period they would like to listen to. 

Q is introducing a first to Flanders in the autumn. Erwin Deckers and Dirk Lodewyckx: “Quiz shows are never broadcast live, and getting the whole of Flanders to take part was definitely never an option. However, from October ‘Qwistet’ will make this possible.”  This online video quiz is played live and everyone in Flanders will be able to take part simultaneously.

The HLN ‘Kubus App’

Being the largest national digital news brand, HLN reaches 1.7 million Flemish readers every day. However, readers always want more, which is why MEDIALAAN/de Persgroep Publishing is launching a completely new HLN app this winter, referred to as ‘the Kubus’ and comprising four features in a single app: news, video, regional and fun.

Erwin Deckers and Dirk Lodewyckx: “Our aim with the Kubus app is to do away with the limitations of a traditional app, but at the same time deliver the benefits offered by both companies.”