Frederik De Swaef an asset for News City as regional editor-in-chief

Frederik De Swaef is leaving Flair and joining News City, the new journalistic arm of Persgroep Publishing and MEDIALAAN, which is the umbrella organisation of, amongst others, VTM NIEUWS, Het Laatste Nieuws, De Morgen, and Dag Allemaal. In addition to the existing news brands, News City also aims to significantly enhance regional news coverage and develop it into a fully fledged digital news arm that can deliver regional news for all news brands within News City. Frederik De Swaef, who is set to become Regional Editor-in-Chief, will manage and digitalise regional news.

Kris Hoflack, News City Director: “I am particularly pleased about Frederik’s arrival. He will strengthen the team of editors-in-chief and has demonstrated in the past that he has the ability to develop and grow media brands and products. His digital experience gained at Flair will help us to also promote a specifically digital approach to regional news. His resolute personality and driving entrepreneurial spirit make him exactly the right man to establish a strong regional presence.” 

Frederik De Swaef, Regional Editor-in-Chief: “News City, which combines a powerful set of journalistic skills, represents an initiative that will secure the future of Flemish journalism. That’s why I am particularly pleased that I will be able to manage and continue the digitalisation of a key cornerstone, the number 1 regional editorial office in the country, from within News City."

Frederik De Swaef will take up his position as Regional Editor-in-Chief during the course of the summer.