From family channel to a family of channels: VTM is expanding with VTM 2, VTM 3 and VTM 4 as of the autumn.

On Monday, 31 August 2020, VTM will transform from a family channel into a family of channels.

This day will see the launch of VTM 2, VTM 3 and VTM 4. While VTM will continue to provide family entertainment, VTM 2 will focus on punchy reality, both local and international. VTM 3 will show a top movie every day, supplemented with series and sitcoms, while VTM 4 will focus on action and classics. The new VTM channels replace the current Q2, Vitaya and CAZ channels. VTM will also feature a ‘new’ baseline from 31 August, which may sound familiar to many viewers: VTM kleurt je dag (VTM colours your day). 



Dirk Lodewyckx, General Director TV, Streaming and Radio: “We currently have a very strong brand with VTM, with great creative content and a huge fandom in Flanders. We are broadening the unique bond that VTM has with the Flemish population, and are turning our family channel into a family of channels, with which we can appeal to all target groups. This is major milestone for VTM. From the start of Ka2 in 1995, we opted to differentiate our range alongside VTM, with own names and brands. This is now being redesigned. As of 31 August, it will be VTM, VTM 2, VTM 3 and VTM 4.”


Three evenings a week local programs at VTM 2