DPG Media to acquire Sanoma Media Netherlands

DPG Media and Sanoma Group announced today that they have reached an agreement on the intended acquisition of Sanoma Media Netherlands by DPG Media.

The combination of these two media companies will create a strong and complementary portfolio of news media, magazines, radio stations and online services.

Sanoma Media Netherlands is the largest publisher of magazines in the Netherlands, with titles as Libelle, Margriet, Donald Duck, vtwonen and Veronica Magazine, and a total number of more than one million subscribers. The company also owns online news platform NU.nl, the largest news site in the Netherlands, with a reach of eight million visitors monthly.


Erik Roddenhof, the CEO of DPG Media: ‘I’m pleased to welcome Sanoma Media Netherlands in our group. This acquisition will further strengthen our company: a necessity in this swiftly digitizing world. Together we have the synergy and the larger effectiveness to digitize our products faster and more efficiently.’

‘Powerful, trusted, and cherished brands, with strong roots in the Netherlands, is what connects Sanoma Media Netherlands with DPG Media. For decades our media have been invited in the homes of millions of Dutch families. Libelle, Margriet, vtwonen, Donald Duck and the other Sanoma brands are now primarily successful as printed magazines, but also have a very promising future in the digital age. We will invest in this. We have gained a lot of valuable experience in this field with our news media. Together with the expertise of Sanoma’s magazine makers, we expect our efforts to lead to new, beautiful, digital products. Naturally we will carry on with the success of the magazines in print as well.’

‘Digital platform NU.nl enriches our offering of news media. Together with our news media this gives us new punching power to grow in relation to the global digital players. This market is dominated by Google and Facebook. They have an enormous reach, they continually invest in new technology and they possess a huge amount of data. In this way they have conquered the world by storm. By now they own two thirds of the digital market for advertisements. For local media companies it has been extraordinarily hard to stand up to them. But we believe that there is room for a local alternative, which consists of Dutch brands with a large combined reach, driven by values like quality and trustworthiness.’

‘We have built a house that is inhabited by cherished media brands, which inform, inspire and entertain the people of the Netherlands. The media brands of Sanoma Netherlands are a perfect match, and they will feel right at home with us.’

Susan Duinhoven, the president and CEO of Sanoma Corporation: ‘I’m proud of the work that has been done at Sanoma Netherlands. We have a beautiful portfolio consisting of strong brands, with which we develop distinctive products for consumers and advertisers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our profitability has increased over the past years, and additionally we have realized excellent growth in the areas of news and data. With this we have provided a solid base for the future. I’m convinced that Sanoma Media Netherlands, as a part of DPG Media, will realize her ambition to grow to the fullest. It is with complete confidence that I hand over the fantastic team of Sanoma Media Netherlands to DPG Media.’

Sanoma Media Netherlands generated a revenue of €424 million in 2018. The company employs 894 FTE, most of whom are Hoofddorp-based. DPG Media, part of DPG Media Group, generated a revenue of €746 million in 2018. The company employs 2.795FTE throughout the Netherlands.

The envisaged acquisition of Sanoma Media Netherlands by DPG Media is subject to antitrust clearance by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) and is subject to consultation of the works councils.