De Tijd and Trouw ‘European newspaper of the year’

In the German town of Meerbusch, De Tijd and Trouw were declared ‘European newspaper of the year’, the highest European honour awarded for the concept and design of dailies. Both newspapers were chosen from 232 submissions.

The jury praised De Tijd as ‘a modern and user-friendly newspaper, not the typical everyday business paper’. Further on in the jury report, it goes on to say: ‘The use of clever, navigable elements in the layout makes the newspaper more pleasant to read and embellishes the look and feel.’ And the illustrations and infographics also receive praise. ‘De Tijd looks extremely innovative with visual storytelling besides text and headlines, which creates a unique unity of information.’

According to the jury, Trouw is receiving the award because of the way in which the newspaper has developed from a traditional daily into 'a kind of daily weekly'. Currently, the newspaper consists of a classical national news section with a daily background supplement 'de Verdieping', in which, according to the jury, a variety of subjects 'are given in-depth coverage'. Earlier this year, Trouw launched two new magazines: 'Letter&Geest' for readers and thinkers, and 'Tijd', in which everyday experiences that are close to peoples' hearts are portrayed. According to the jury, Trouw has therefore created a newspaper that has broadened the daily news to appeal to a more intellectual readership.