published on 01 / 09 / 2020

B.T. is now Denmark’s largest news medium

B.T. is now Denmark’s largest news medium

B.T. became Denmark’s largest news site in August 2020. For the first time ever, was ranked first among Danish media, earning B.T. a place in press history.

The poll, conducted by Dansk Online Index, documents that B.T. now has the highest web traffic figures. Dansk Online Index collects the official statistics in which nearly all media in Denmark are represented and found that B.T. had 515 million page views in the month of August.

It’s tremendously satisfying to have elevated so much in such a relatively short space of time, and we’re proud to be number one in Denmark.
Michael Dyrby Editor-in-Chief

B.T. merged with the free daily MetroXpress in 2017.

and according to Gallup’s latest poll, it is now the newspaper with the highest number of weekly readers.

Since the re-launch of B.T. in June 2018, all energy has been focused on creating the most popular mobile news site in Denmark. The ambition was to transform B.T. from a daily newspaper into a digital news site at every level.

‘It has taken a huge, and not least focused, effort to change how we do journalism. It’s actually been something of a revolution, because we’ve turned everything upside down, and we’re even a little ahead of schedule with this number one ranking,’ explains Michael Dyrby.

The findings are clear: B.T. is now the largest digital news site and Denmark’s most read newspaper.

The transformation of B.T. into Denmark’s only “mobile first” news site was a collaboration between the editorial staff, digital developers and Berlingske Media’s commercial departments. The ranking as Denmark’s leading news site will be used to develop B.T. further, explains Anders Krab-Johansen, CEO and Publisher of Berlingske Media, which operates B.T.

‘We’re keenly focused on increasing our earnings through advertising, partnerships and other models, so that we have the money to make additional investments in journalism,’ says Anders Krab-Johansen.

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