ACM approves takeover of Sanoma Media Netherlands by DPG Media Netherlands

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) announced today that it has no objection to the takeover of Sanoma Media Netherlands, all its participations and Aldipress by DPG Media Netherlands. The proposed takeover was announced in December 2019. 
“This takeover represents a solid reinforcement for DPG Media Netherlands, essential in the increasingly digitalising world,” explained CEO Erik Roddenhof of DPG Media.Over and above the synergetic advantages, together our companies have greater scope for the better and faster digitalisation of products. The Sanoma brands tie in well with DPG Media. Every day, we inform, inspire and entertain millions of people in the Netherlands.”
The common factor for Sanoma Media Netherlands and DPG Media Netherlands is the selection of familiar, solid and well-loved brands, with their roots in the Netherlands. Publications from both companies have for decades been a regular feature on a daily or weekly basis in millions of Dutch homes. Sanoma is currently the Netherlands’ largest publisher of magazines, with more than one million subscribers. At present Libelle, Margriet, vtwonen and other Sanoma brand magazines are above all successful printed media, but DPG Media Netherlands is convinced that they also have a future in the digital era.
Digital platform is, with a monthly outreach of more than 8 million visitors, reinforces the DPG Media Netherlands presence in news media. The combination with its own news media gives DPG Media Netherlands the capacity to grow in respect of global digital players like Google and Facebook. As Roddenhof commented, “They have a huge outreach, are constantly investing in technology and have access to a massive volume of data. Together they have taken the world by storm. For local media companies it has proved extremely difficult to face up to that challenge. DPG Media Netherlands believes there is room for a local alternative made up of Dutch brands with a large combined outreach, driven by values based on quality and reliability.”
CEO Erik Roddenhof expects that it will take a further 2 weeks to fully conclude the takeover. “But we cannot wait to start integrating the two companies and developing new products for consumers and advertisers. I am really looking forward to the challenge although it is a strange time to start on the process, in the heart of the corona crisis. Both at Sanoma and DPG Media Netherlands, practically the entire staff are working hard from home to bring our media to our consumers, every day. Right now that is our first priority and our first responsibility. I am proud that all our staff continue to make this possible.”