Trouw. For those looking to go deeper, to know what’s truly happening in the world.

Trouw is for people with a sense of responsibility towards society. That want to take part and understand the complex world better, as well as getting an in-depth view of the news from all sides. Responsibly and constructively, with compassion for those people both in and behind the news.

Trouw believes that viewing the world with an open mind gives life more depth. That’s why we write with nuance and objectivity. About the big questions that touch individuals and society at large. We work to be our readers’ window on the world. To help them form an opinion on the news today.

Each weekend, Trouw also publishes its magazine Tijdgeest. 

Tijdgeest wants to offer a journalistic answer to questions about the current complex times (political, social, economic and societal) in the Netherlands and beyond. Because people have an enormous demand for information. Tijdgeest is intellectual, well written, innovatively designed, with subjects ranging from the everyday to the more serious. And of course, it offers plenty of space for literature and non-fiction.
Cees van der Laan Editor-in-chief