Tina: the biggest brand for young girls in the Netherlands

Tina is the largest girls’ brand in the Netherlands. It is also the market leader in the girls’ 6-16 years of age segment. The magazine’s core target group is 8-12 years of age. 

Tina is the largest girls' brand in the Netherlands and is therefore market leader in the girls' segment 8-16 years of age. The magazine's core target group is 8-12 years of age. We reach girls up to the age of 16 through social media channels and at the Tina Festival. Tina is a solid, strong, proven and professional brand. And it’s been the largest magazine for girls in the Netherlands for over 50 years.

Tina is always a party. It gives girls the space to be completely themselves. With Tina, you can dream, laugh and, as a young girl, stay up to date with the latest news. Tina is cross-media with its weekly magazine, annual Tina Festival, YouTube channel TinaTV with its own vloggers, Tina holiday camps, and unique merchandise.

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