Ouders van Nu

ouders van nu

Ouders van Nu: The Right Advice, From Baby to the First Year

Ouders van Nu is the largest and best-known parenting brand in the Netherlands. Ouders van Nu has been offering rock-solid, cross-media content that you can always fall back on for over 53 years. Whether you’re a (future) parent, when you’re pregnant, or if you have young children.

Ouders van Nu shares recognizable stories, expert advice and wonderful products. It’s how we make parent’s lives easier and more fun.

Thanks to qualitative data gathered through Zwanger- en Babyboxen and the First Time Mum Research, Ouders van Nu knows the precise orientation and buying moment of parents (to be) in the Netherlands in 62 product categories. These are valuable an unique data points that can optimise your campaign and generate conversion.

Thanks to a combination of research, data and social media, Ouders van Nu knows its target group through and through. Allowing us to engage the right target group with relevant information at the right time.

Ouders van Nu is an authority within its target group. It’s listed in the top 3 most trustworthy brands (along with Dutch public broadcasters NOS and NPO1) and in the BrandZ top 100 most valuable brands (Millward Brown).