Margriet: Be who you want to be

Magriet is the cross-media brand for Dutch women over 50. With a legacy of social impact stretching back 82 years, Margriet is the magazine that allows women to inform themselves, recognize themselves in others, and give their life more depth. They can choose for themselves and also be themselves. Margriet, helps independent women to get the most out of life.

Margriet is the 360-degree brand for the over-50 woman of today. It inspires her at any time of the day, wherever and whenever she wants, with its weekly magazine and Magriet Extra (appearing 9 times a year), puzzle books, diaries,, newsletters, and a wide range of social media channels. And, of course, the largest annual winter festival in the Netherlands: Margriet Winterfair.

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Margriet touches over-50 women in the heart with recognizable emotions and indispensable inspiration for a healthy and happy life
Leontine van den Bos Editor-in-chief Margriet