Kek Mama: the #1 glossy for mothers

Kek Mama: The #1 glossy for mums

Kek Mama is the 360° lifestyle media brand for mothers with children between 0 and 12 years old. The magazine is the # 1 glossy for mothers and offers its readers a moment for themselves: with honest stories, personal interviews, great lifestyle tips and recognizable columns. In addition to the magazine, there is also the website (voted the most popular lifestyle website of 2019), the Kek Mama Shop, the online video channel Kek Mama TV, the newsletter, various social media accounts, and the Kek Mama podcast.

In every respect, Kek Mama is the # 1 glossy for mums: in reach, in quality and commercially. With a 29 percent B2B share, Kek Mama is the B2B market leader among parenting glossy's. The magazine is published 16 times a year (12 regular editions and 4 special issues).

The Kek Mama woman is a fun, enthusiastic mother with children aged 0-12. She can laugh at herself, is open to life, and likes to try new things. She also loves beautiful things, trips out, and holidays with her family. She likes to spend her money on fashion for herself and her children, on great beauty products, and also products that encourage fine living.

She reads to relax, even when she is lying exhausted on the couch after a long day. Mothers prefer to read the magazine on the couch or even literally take it to bed. The bond that Kek Mama has with her readers is therefore huge. And this is reflected in, among other things, the engagement she has with her target group on the fast-growing social media channels.