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Independer is the biggest digital comparison and consultancy platform in the Netherlands for insurance, banking products, mortgages, and energy. It makes small and large financial decisions transparent and understandable, thereby allowing customers to make their own informed decisions. The website has some 20 million visitors annually and about 6 million comparisons are done each year. The company is headquartered in Hilversum and has more than 350 employees. 

Are you going through some financial changes in your life? Then Independer is the number one place to go. Whether for a comparison between your current health insurance and other offers or to take on a mortgage. Independer clarifies complex choices and options, thereby giving you the option to take your own financial decisions or ask for the help of our experts. Take a look at our product groups: 

The work-life platform for the highly educated
Intermediair ensures efficient recruiting as well as the powerful exposure for your employer brand. 


Go to is an independent online insurance broker in Belgium. Private individuals can take out the cheapest car insurance policy for their situation after comparing prices and coverages on the website. has the ambition to make the Belgian insurance market more transparent and accessible for every consumer. Not only can clients compare the prices of insurance policies quickly and easily, they can also rely on independent advice and mediation, both when taking out a policy and, if needed, in the event of damage.

Three leading insurance companies collaborate with Corona Direct, Ethias and Yuzzu. Other companies are in the pipeline. When selecting insurers, takes the product range and service of the insurer into account. Partners that combine competitive prices with high-quality offerings qualify. 


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